2024 Pool Rules & Policies

As we continue to update our pool rules and policies, we encourage members to please go over all the rules with every family member. Knowing and following the rules allows everyone at the pool to have a great time while also maintaining the high safety standards we pride ourselves in.

 Pool is open and available for use from 6:00am-8:00pm.
 When lifeguards are on duty, all pool visitors must follow policies and rules set by the
lifeguard for our safety.
 During lifeguard pool breaks, members between the ages of 6-17 are required to exit the
pool. Members under the age of 6 are permitted to remain in the pool with parental
supervision. A pool break will be held every 45 minutes while lifeguards are on duty.
 No eating or drinking while in the pool. No glass containers are permitted inside the gated
pool area.
 No smoking or vaping is permitted within 10 ft of the gated pool area.
 Alcohol is permitted; however, it should be placed in a koozie or another discreet container.
 All persons with children in their care are required to watch, protect, and supervise their
children while they are on premises.
 Children who require any flotation support devices are not permitted in the 9ft area
without direct parental supervision.
 The use of pool floats and toys is at the discretion of the lifeguard and may not be
permitted during peak hours.
 No hard balls including basketballs and footballs are permitted. No squirting toys (e.g. water
 No floats that are filled with glitter or other filling are permitted. Floats or toys that may
create a hazard or pool maintenance issue may be prohibited.
 No running, chicken fighting, pushing, spitting or other rowdy behavior. Members will
receive a warning and may be asked to sit out or exit the premises if the behavior persists.
 Only the lifeguard is permitted to use the lifeguard stand.


 All persons using the pool do so at their own risk and Eaman Park Pool Club assumes no
responsibility for injury or damage resulting from such use. (Policy)
 No firearms inside the gate or on pool property.
 EPP is not responsible for any damage.
 All guests over the age of 5 must pay a $5 guest fee & sign in before using the pool. A
member must always be present with the guest. If you plan to bring more than 5 guests,
you must schedule and pay a party fee. See party policies. (Policy – To be voted on)
 No child may be left unattended at Eaman Park Pool unless the following requirements have
all been met:
o Are 13 years of age or older
o Have passed a swim test with one of our lifeguards
o A lifeguard is on duty

Diving Rules

 If a cone is on the diving board, ask the Lifeguard before removing and jumping.
 Only one person on the diving board at a time.
 No backwards jumps or dives, back flips, spank the baby, noodle play, or gainers are
permitted off the diving board or pool edge. Lifeguard has the right to whistle blow & set
policy at their discretion.
 No hanging from the diving board.
 Always use the step to access the diving board.
 After using the diving board, swim to either ladder. The next person must wait until the 9ft
area is clear before jumping.
 No jumping onto floats or kickboards.