Kicking Off the Summer

Here at Eaman Park Pool we strive to create a relaxed, family-friendly environment for all of our members and their guests. Making sure that you and your family feel safe, comfortable and welcome is our top priority. After our first full week, we are here to say THANK YOU to all of our members who have worked so hard to make sure that this summer is the best one yet!

With new restrictions due to COVID-19, our pool capacity is limited. But, as we expected, all of our members have been extremely thoughtful and gracious as we work to share the pool and maintain social distance. We feel so incredibly blessed to have such kind and proactive members.

This year we have decided to spice things up by giving our lifeguards extra duties and incentives, adding HOT food items to the Snack Shack and engaging the community in new and exciting ways. If you are using social media, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for regular updates!