They came, they saw, they swam their hearts out!

Swimmin’ for Eaman

Love and commitment were an overwhelming theme today at Eaman Park Pool. As the July sun began to warm the day, volunteers at EPP worked together to a create a fun and joyous event like never before. Thirteen of Eaman’s finest swimmers lined up to swim their hearts out for the community pool that they all love so dearly. Swimmers ranged in age from 4 to 18 but it is safe to say that every single participant went over and beyond what anyone expected. Between all 13 swimmers, we totaled 721 laps, that’s over 11 miles!

Addison Griffith, 68 laps!

After the hour was up, swimmers enjoyed delicious homemade treats supplied by Eaman Park Pool board members and volunteers. And, we were especially thrilled to be able to send EVERY SINGLE swimmer home with a prize. Eaman Park Pool would like to extend our gratitude to Chik-fil-A, The Pedal Factory, Scentsy by Jennifer Warren, Go Burrito, and the family of Zeplin and Killian Wingler for donating prizes. We would also like to extend a thank you to all of our sponsors and donors who were so incredibly generous and who continue to support Eaman Park Pool and our families.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the parents, families and community leaders who attended, cheered, volunteered and donated towards today’s event. Echos of laughter, cheers and excitement are exactly what Eaman Park Pool was created for. They are the sounds that fill our hearts and remind us of the beautiful community that we have built here. Because of you, we have made incredible strides towards the resurfacing of our pool and we feel confident that EPP will be around to serve your children and your children’s children for years and years to come.

FRONT (left to right): Zeplin Wingler, Killian Wingler, Gabe Lee, Addison Griffith, Margot May Pryor, Tilley Shirley, Caroline Basinger, Dru Edwards
BACK: Sage Huffman, Gabe McLendon, Reilly Ploplis, Brody Dillon, Ariel Keaton

Today’s Swimmin for Eaman Swim-a-thon raised a total of $2,104.80 in donations and we are anticipating more in per/lap pledges and Paypal donations. We are humbled and ecstatic. It takes a village and we are incredibly fortunate to support and be a part of such a loving and driven community. We will update you again once all the numbers are finalized. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and as always, Happy Swimming!