BIG Thanks, Lap Swim, Yard Sale!!

What a fun, busy week we’ve had.  Thank you to all of you that have come out and splashed with us.  BIG thanks to the board members who have stepped up and helped out wherever possible.  Completely unplanned, it seems that someone has been there to represent the pool during almost all of the open hours.  Thank you over and over!

An amazing moment last week was mid-day Friday when there was a large group of over 20 middle and high schoolers swimming (racing!) back and forth in the deep end, meanwhile over 15 elementary school aged kids and tots were painting fish where the kiddie pool used to be.  For one place to meet everyone’s needs is a community treasure!  So much fun for all!

Currently, we have had a great interest in the pool since opening the last weekend in May.  We have surpassed last year’s membership numbers!  EPP is the place to be!!  There has been a lot of chatter with the Board Members about how many people are enjoying the pool.  Overall, we know that historically members start going to camps and heading out on vacations starting this next week.  It should not be as busy as it was this past week.

Also, the Board is aware of the numbers of chairs vs. number of members.  Right now, new lounge chairs run $165 per chair.  We have debated on whether we should purchase more or hold off until the end of season.  With all of the new funds coming in from our memberships and parties, retiling and resurfacing is closer to reality than ever before.  The Board has decided to hold off on any purchasing in the hopes of fixing our sore pool feet next season.  Should you be interested in bringing your own chairs and leaving them in the bathrooms with your name on them for next time, you are welcome to do so.  (You may want to take them home the week of the Yard Sale!!)

A Few Things to Note:

A HUGE shout out to membership Kelly Fisher for her help on Saturday.  We appreciate you stepping in and supporting our pool community.  THANK YOU!!

Yard Sale:  Last year, we made over $800 and it was fun!  This year, members Beth Horman, Laura Zimmerman Clark, and Board Member Pamela McClendon are interested in spearheading another great yard sale opportunity.  We are looking at Saturday, July 23rd from 8am-Noon.  We will be collecting items in the boys bathroom starting that Wednesday, July 20th.  If you are interested in helping to sell items on Saturday morning, please let us know of Facebook or send us an email.  The more the merrier!!

Lap Swim:  Interested in swimming laps with a small group of members in the morning, before the pool opens?  Great!  Send a message to Beth Horman at  She will come up with a time that works for you all.

Don’t forget to leave your pool space the way you found it!  The guards spend a lot of time closing the pool in the evening with putting the umbrellas and hammocks away, washing the bathroom floors, organizing the chairs, and picking up toys and trash.  If we all make sure our things are picked up and put away, we will be helping the guards out a ton!

Swim Lessons:  Those interested in swim lessons and have put their name on our sheet, you should be hearing from our guards in the next day or so.  They will be organizing individuals and groups for morning lessons starting next week.

Pool Happenings:

Wednesday, June 15 (Tomorrow), we have at large group coming from Partners in Learning from Noon-3pm.  We just wanted you to be aware that it may be a bit crazy.  We have scheduled 3 guards during this time.

Wednesday, June 15th at 3:50pm (Pool Break) will be our weekly day/time for our Poolside Story and Craft with Diana Dandro!

Wednesday’s Book:  A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle

Theme:  Growing up and accepting change

Interested in a Guest Pass or 20 Day Pass?  First, you have to be a stockholder.  Second, come talk to someone at the guard shack.  Third, enjoy!

We are excited about a great pool season and hope you are too!

See you at the pool,

The Pool Crew