Opening the Pool, Membership (Like it’s 1999!), and Calendar

It’s that time of year again…the mad dash to get the check list of items done so we can open the pool!  This year, the list is quite short, but we need all hands on deck!

Remember how the pool is run by volunteers?!  That means all of us!  We hope you can join us this Saturday, May 7th for a few hours from 10am-12pm.  If you do, you will receive a special invitation to the first weekend Soft Opening on Saturday, May 21st at 11am!!  So come out and help!!  See below for details.

Membership and 2016 Dues:

We have over half of our expected members paid so far, which is so great and helpful.  You got the big discount and partied like it was 1999!  Thank you!!  If you haven’t paid yet, you can pay in full online with your credit card on our website:  If you are new or any of your contact info has changed, please reply to this email and let us know!

Again, you can pay with a credit card online through PayPal, mail in a check, or with a credit card at the pool on the first weekend!

  • Family Membership: $375
  • Individual Membership: $225
  • Stock for 2nd Year Members: $200
  • New (1st year) Family Members: $275
  • New (1st year) Individual Members: $175

Volunteer Work Days:

                Saturday, May 7 from 11am-1pm

  • Clean yard, bag leaves, pick up limbs
  • Remove limbs and leaves from roof
  • Mow and edge
  • Remove drain covers and pressure wash deck
  • Start cleaning bathrooms, guard shack, and fridges


Need People to Bring:  lobbers, pressure washer, mower, weed whacker, big brooms for roof, and anything else you think you might need.

Jason May will be overseeing this volunteer work day.

Saturday, May 14 9am-Noon

  • Pull out all furniture, clean off, organize on deck
  • Set all pieces that need repair aside to have repaired
  • Clean all locker rooms and showers
  • Stock snack shack
  • Decorate for opening


Need People to Bring:  donations like flowers, concession stand items, flower pots, and anything else you think might be helpful!

Flowers:  Yellow and white, heat and drought loving (lantana, hanging spider plants, impatiens for shade areas)


Tentative Calendar of Events:

Saturday/Sunday May 21-22:  Soft Opening for Work Day Volunteers

Saturday/Sunday May 28-29:  Official Opening

Friday, June 2nd:  Ladies Late Night Out at 7pm

Wednesday, June 8th:  School’s Out Summer Celebration

Thursday, June 9th:  Summer Schedule Begins (Open Daily)

Sunday, June 12:  Family Potluck at 4pm

Saturday, June 25:  Late Night Family Swim until 10pm

Monday, July 4th:  Patriotic Potluck at 2pm

Saturday, July 16th:  Late Night Family Swim until 10pm

Friday, July 22nd:  Ladies Late Night Out at 7pm

Friday, Aug. 19th:  Ladies Late Night Out at 7pm

Saturday, Aug. 27th:  Late Night Family Swim until 10pm

Sunday, Aug. 28th:  Last Day of Summer Schedule (Weekend Schedule until Labor Day)

Monday, Sept. 5:  Labor Day Potluck (and close the pool)


Keep up to date on Facebook and our website:

If you have any questions, please let us know.  If you can make it this Saturday, we would love the help!  And if you have a pressure washer, we would REALLY love your help!

See you at the pool,

The Pool Crew